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Emsculpt Treatments in Newton Abbot

Sometimes, regardless of exactly how intense the workout, specific regions of the body are impossible to target. Unresponsive to diet and exercise, stubborn fat seems to linger no matter your fitness regimen. Mesotherapy Cosmetic has decades of experience improving the bodies of males and women via ingenious, reducing side modern technology. With our newest enhancement, EMSCULPT in Newton Abbot, our highly experienced medical team in Newton Abbot can add definition to the abdominal as well as buttocks region, boosting muscle tone without downtime. Approved by the UK Food and Drug Administration, EMSCULPT is an amazing new fat reduction gadget that makes use of electromagnetic energy to tone abs as well as raise the buttocks. website


Solglo Spray Tanning

Have a perfect all over tan that is quick (you can be tanned and dressed within 30 minutes), safe (no harmful UV rays) and lasts for up to 9 days depending on skin type. It is water soluble (you can shower & swim) and has no odour.

Full Leg - £12.80
Full Body - £25.55
Full Body Special Offer - 2 appointments per person for £35.75


Have a perfect all over tan with our Tansun Symphony Tanning Booth.

  • Fast, even all over tan
  • Guaranteed tanning results
  • Safe, hygenic and private
  • Stay comfortably cool (fully air conditioned)
  • Tanning sessions from 3 minutes (depending on skin type)

Single Session
3 minutes - £3.00
6 minutes - £5.00
9 minutes - £7.00

30 minutes - £25.00
60 minutes - £40.00
120 minutes - £75.00

Special Offer - Unlimited for one month - £50.00

Please note: It is important that you have a 15 minute consultation prior to using the sun room.

Visit Tansun for more information.