Electrolysis Treatments

Most women have concerns about unwanted hair on the face or body. Yo some it's a nuisance, a cause of worry or even embarrassment. The STEREX Blend Method that we use at Only You can help permantently removing the unwanted hair and it is gentle, effective and comfortable. Treatment is 'tailor-made' to suit you and can be carried out on virtually all parts of the body. Our electrologist will gladly discuss your requirements in a free consultation which takes around 20 minutes.

The STEREX Blend Method Promise

We always use STEREX Disposable needles to totally eliminate any risk of 'cross-infection'. The individually packed sterile needle will always be opened in front of you, ensuring a new sterile needle for each treatment.

Consultation    FREE

  5 minutes    7.00

10 minutes    10.00

15 minutes    12.00

20 minutes    15.00