Facial Treatments

Revlon Facials

All Revlon facial skin products have been dermatologically tested.

6 Steps to Beauty

- approx. 1 hr
1. A super cleansing  
2. A facial Sauna opens pores & oxygenates the skins  
3. A gentle exfoliant removes dead skin cells and removes blackheads without damage to the skin.
4. A 15 minute mask. Purifies the skin and restores the skin's moisture content.  
5. A toner to leave the skin beautifully clean.  
6. A light massage movement to finish this relaxing treatment - your complexion will feel radiant.  

Collagen Facial

- approx. 1 hr 10 mins
For mature skines. Collagen is the main structural element of skin and is largely responsible for its properties. With ageing the elasticity is lost, giving rise to wrinkles and dryness. This facial contains collagen, and at one point a 10 minute recharge mask is applied and left to penetrate into and act upon the skin. Followed by a light massage using Revlon Wonder Cream, a Rich Gel cream, highly charged with active ingredients that work wonders to restore suppleness and firmness to even the driest of skins. This treatment will clarify, revitalise and freshen a dull complexion. It is a lovely gentle and relaxing facial.