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Hair Extensions by Balmain

In response to numerous requests from customers with short and fine hair, the Only You Salon is proud to announce that it is now offering "haute coiffure" Balmain Hair Extensions.

The Kit

The Extensions

What are Balmain Extensions?

Balmain Extensions is an innovative method of adding volume, colour, structure and length to your natural hair. The Balmain Extensions are made of high quality 100% human hair,hand selected and developed with 35 years of experience.

How are Extensions Applied?

Extensions are connected with your natural hair by using a small gel or wax bond. Extensions will remain in place for up to 3 months and will not damage the natural hair in any way

How are Extensions maintained?

Depending on the natural hair growth, Balmain extensions need to be re-applied within 3-4 months or the bond may become visible. To compliment your home aftercare regime and help you keep your extensions beautiful, we recommend a regular maintenance visit to your extension stylist. This could be every four to eight weeks and your stylist can re-apply the extensions.