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Wig Studio

Step 1

The service that Only You offer is a professional package that will begin with your first appointment with our Wig Specialist. Our Wig Specialist will help you choose the correct style, colour and fit to suit you.
We have a large selection of wigs in our studio, you can try as many different styles and colours as you wish. Your wig will then be ordered.

Step 2

Upon your return your wig will then be fitted and if necessary our hair-stylist will customise your wig, so that it is perfect for you. It might be that you would like the fringe a little shorter or a little taken off the length. We will help you achieve your final desired look.

Step 3

You will be provided with information on how to look after your wig. You will receive an aftercare pack containing a wig stand, a special formulated shampoo and conditioner and a brush and a hygienic cap.

Step 4

You will leave Only You feeling and looking special, knowing that help is on hand from us should you need it.
'Only You wants every client to leave our Wig Studio having thoroughly enjoyed the experience.'