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Bio Sculpture Gel Nails
3d Lash extensions

The perfect solution for beautiful nails

Discover the difference of an advanced nail treatment that's a pleasure to use and wear. Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong - naturally. Easy to apply, instantly dry - soaks off clean in 15 minutes. The colour or clear gel-applied nail coating and after care products more people prefer worldwide.

3d Lash extensions

No damage to natural nails

Unlike other nail finishes, Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail treatment applied as a coating to your own nails to strengthen and condition them with no damage or dreaded fungal growth.

Long wearing and chip-proof your Bio Sculpture Gel treated nails will keep their well manicured look long after application. Using Bio Sculpture on your finger nails and Toe nails, you may forget about them for weeks - the shape and colour will stay perfect with no worn or ragged edges.


Full Set


Josie has been professionally trained at the Bio Sculpture Traing Centre. Josie is available for free consultation and can answer any questions.