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Facial Treatments
Revlon Facials Body Ultimate Make Up
Eye Treatments Sorisa Silkdermic Facial Semi-Permanent Make up
All Only You facials are complemented with a wonderful acupressure experience.
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Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments photo
A patch test to be carried out 24 hours prior to tinting
Eyebrow Shape from £10.45
Brow Tint   £10.45
Brow Tint & Shape from £13.75
Lash Tint   £16.00
Eye Lash Perming approx. 60 mins. £25.00
Nouveau Contour 3d Lashes
Transform your lashes with our new NOUVEAU LASH extensions - to give you longer, fuller and very natural looking lashes that will last for up to two months.
Using state-of-the-art techniques we apply one lash at a time onto your existing lashes to give you beautiful, lush lashes that will look and feel completely natural. And you don't have to compromise - you can shower, swim and sleep without a care in the world.
NOUVEAU LASHES are also perfect for weddings and all special occasions - not only will you look your best, but you can also shed a few tears safe in the knowledge that you won't end up with smeared panda eyes!
More information from Nouveau Lashes.

Full Set - approx. 2 hours


1st maintenance - approx. 1 hour


Fortnightly maintenance - approx. 1 hour