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Manicures & Pedicures

  We have many colours to choose from in our Revlon and OPI ranges including classic colours such as pink, pearl, lilac, red and wine. We can also offer the most beautiful manicure of all - a French Manicure where the tip of the nail is white. This can be done on your toe nails to match! Manicure image
  The feet are probably the most neglected area of the body. Come along and relax and enjoy a Deluxe Foot Spa Pedicure. Recommended for those tired and aching feet.
  If you have nails that tend to flake, peel or split you can have our natural looking fibreglass tips. See our Nail Bar page for more information. Samantha Cullip and Josie here at Only You can help you create a professional and elegant look and if you choose to keep the look, you can have nail maintenance about every two weeks to keep this elegant look


  French Manicure   18.00
  Hand Revarnish   10.45
  Hand Treatment/Manicure approx 3/4 hour 17.40
  A complete hand treatment using REVLON nail care. With co-ordinated nail and lipstick shades.
  Pedicure approx 3/4 hour 20.45