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All Only You facials are complemented with a wonderful acupressure experience.
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Procedure Price List

  Eyelash Enhancement (dots between dashes) £295
  Basic Eyeliner (very fine line between lashes) £295
  Intensive Eyeliner (bold or above lash line) £350
  Lip Liner (a fine line on the lip edge) £295
  Lip Liner & Part Blend £350
  Lip Contour - Full lip blush £450
  Eyebrow Enhancement (lengthening tail or thickening bulb £295
  Eyebrow Reconstruction (full brow design and hairstroke coverage) £350
  Scar in fill on brow (1.5cm) -Single application £75
  Beauty Spot / Freckles £50 / £175
  Colour correction work £POA
  Maintenance/Colour Boost -Single application £175
  Areola reconstruction £250 / £400
  Non laser tattoo removal per hour £75
  Nouveau 3D lashes (lash extensions) £95
  Price includes patch test,consultation, initial application and follow up procedure 4-6 weeks later - unless stated otherwise.