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A complete hand treatment using Revlon, Orly, or OPI nail care.

Extensions - Lengthen nails to a more glamorous length with the aid of fibreglass tips and allow natural nails to grow without flaking, peeling and splitting. A consultation is necessary with our nail technicians Sam, Josie & Toni who are available until 9.30pm three nights a week.

Sam a director of Only You has been a qualified nail technician for eleven years. Her expertise in fibreglass nails is unrivaled.
A fortnightly nail maintenance will help you keep your stylish new look. A free initial consultation, including one FREE Nail is required before booking an appointment.

The length of time taken to apply fibreglass nails is on average two hours. This is to ensure that the natural nail is not in any damaged. Both Sam and Josie are qualified manicurists with knowledge of the natural nail.

OPI Clarité odor and dust free system nails are now available. Please see prices below.

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Pricing - Fibre Glass

  Extensions - Full Set   48.00
  Extensions - Single   4.80
  Maintenance   25.00

Pricing - OPI Clarité

  Extensions - Full Set   30.00
  Extensions - Single   3.00
  Maintenance   17.00