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20 Deep Spinney, Biddenham, Bedford MK40 4QH
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A life-enhancing experience for cancer patients

Breast cancer statistics inform us that one in eight women will be affected by this disease (Macmillan Cancer Support) but, very positively, survival rates improve constantly. Having nursed in the NHS for 38 years and cared for patients with cancer, my diagnosis in April 2009 came as an enormous shock, resulting in 15 months of intensive treatment.
Initially the knowledge that I would lose my hair was terrifying. I personally discovered that hair care within the NHS isn't a priority. It's hardly surprising, as hair loss isn't life threatening. However I believe that if you have confidence in how you feel, you may enter treatment in a more positive frame of mind. Very useful during the challenges to be faced. In the long term this may be financially beneficial to the health service.

My good fortune in meeting Dianne Cullip, Director at the Only You salon in Biddenham was life-enhancing. Dianne offers a wig service which utilises her skills as a beauty therapist, combined with a compassionate understanding of how important it is to have ones fears taken seriously. Guiding me to find a suitable wig and application of makeup to compliment my new hair allowed me the confidence to 'face the world'. Society remains fairly discriminatory regarding female baldness; it's more socially acceptable for a man. Dianne has developed such experience and personal fulfillment from her wig service that she has recently decided to devote all of her time to it. Having spent a career caring for others, I found it a personal challenge to be on the receiving end. I will always be indebted to Dianne's skill and empathy and wish her every success as she continues her great work.